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Founded 2009
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Number of clients 680,000

Is OVO Energy the right energy supplier for me?

Where do OVO Energy come from?

  • OVO Energy is a Bristol-based energy supplier, founded and privatised in 2009.
  • Since 2009, OVO Energy have acquired Boost Energy in 2017, and Spark Energy in 2018. Last year, they also took over SSE, expanding their customer base to 5 million customers. Because of these acquisitions, OVO Energy have grown exponentially, particularly since 2017.

What are they up to now?

  • OVO Energy is now the biggest independent energy supplier in the UK. They have provided energy to over 5 million customers since they were founded in 2009. In fact, they are the second biggest energy supplier in the UK behind British Gas.
  • Their focus is on clean energy, and their main aim is to tackle the climate crisis through green home energy usage. They are committed to decarbonising their energy by 2030!

Who do they support?

In 2014, OVO Energy created the OVO Foundation, aimed at giving young people a sustainable future. It is a charitable initiative that invests in developing projects around the world that advocate for green energy. One of their projects is called Future Builders, which is designed to end homelessness in the UK, helping young people to get work experience by reconstructing run-down properties. Another project they support is called Project Jua, which seeks to improve health and education in rural Kenya.

OVO Energy is also concerned with tackling the climate crisis and has planted over 1 million trees across the UK in their efforts to decarbonise energy.

Furthermore, OVO Energy provide Warm Home Discount to their customers who can’t afford to heat their home in the winter. This scheme is specifically for the winter, because variable and flexible energy prices tend to increase based on demand. In the winter, there is more demand for energy, as more people need to heat their home. Low-income families or individuals might not be able to fund this increase, so OVO offers them support during the winter to make sure they can carry on heating their home.

OVO Energy Tariffs, Plans and Offers 📝

What are OVO Energy’ electricity, gas and dual energy plans?

OVO offers fixed tariffs, which means that you will be exempt from any price increases due to market fluctuations. They offer two fixed tariffs: the Better Energy Plan and the 2 Year Fixed Energy Plan.

OVO also offer one variable tariff, called Simpler Energy. It is a flexible tariff, meaning that its price is subject to wholesale energy costs.

Economy 7 tariffs are also available from OVO Energy. An Economy 7 tariff is a double electricity tariff, meaning that the cost of a kWh differs depending on the time you use it. During the day, prices are higher, because there is more demand for electricity. However, during the night, it is much cheaper to use electricity because there is generally less demand. If you are tight on cash, or want to save money on your energy bills, it’s smart to use electricity during off-peak periods, as your bill will be significantly lower.

Like most other suppliers, OVO Energy also offer prepayment tariffs. This means that you top up your energy card before using it, and when it runs out, you simply top it up again. How do you top it up? You can either go to a local Payzone (a post office, or a supermarket), or if you can simply log into your online OVO account and top it up online.

To summarise:

  • OVO Energy offers 4 simple plans that all aim to provide you with efficient and green energy.
  • They also offer generous interest rates and savings on your energy bills.
  • All their plans come with 50% renewable electricity and can be upgraded to 100% with the Green Energy Upgrade.

OVO Energy Renewable Energy Plan

OVO’s tariffs and offers

Better Smart Energy

What does it offer?How green is it?
Better Smart Energy is OVO's cheapest plan for new members.As OVO plans go, this is a pretty green option. Although you can upgrade to make it even greener if you pay £6 extra a month.
When you sign up for this plan, you'll need a traditional meter reading. OVO will also be happy to upgrade you to a smart meter when you switch over to this plan.With the upgraded green version of this plan, you get 100% carbon neutral energy. OVO are encouraging their customers to upgrade to their green plans, as it allows them to make their way towards zero carbon.
OVO claim that you can make up to £250 yearly savings through this plan.
On your credit balances, OVO will pay 3% interest rewards in your first year of the plan.
By paying an extra £6 a month (with the 3 months free), you can upgrade to green energy. This also includes 100% carbon neutral energy.

Last modified the August 14, 2020

Better Energy

What does it offer?How green is it?
Better Energy is a fixed plan from OVO that protects you from fluctuating market prices. They claim that you can save up to £149 if you opt for this plan.By upgrading to green energy through this plan, you get 100% carbon neutral energy.
Just like with Better Smart Energy, in your first year you will get interest rewards that increase year on year.The upgrade is only £6 extra a month, and you will start on your zero carbon journey.
The exit fee for this plan is also £30. So making a switch before the end your contract comes with some extra costs.
You can upgrade your plan to a green version by paying just £6 extra a month. The first 3 months of this upgrade are free!

Last modified the August 14, 2020

2 Year Fixed Energy

What does it offer?How green is it?
This is OVO's most popular fixed rate plan. You also get 2 years' protection, which is neat.You can upgrade to a greener version of this plan for £6/month. This will give you 100% carbon neutral energy.
OVO claim that you can save up to £126 a year by switching to this plan.
As well as this, OVO will give you interest rewards that increase every year.
You will face a £30 exit fee if you decide to switch to a different plan before the end of your contract.
Like with all of OVO's plans, you can upgrade to a greener energy plan for just £6 a month!

Last modified the August 14, 2020

OVO Energy Tariff Prices

Single electricity

Name of the Plan Tariff value Unit Price





Standing Charge





Greener Energy 12 months fixed
16.61 p
8.33 p
Better Energy 12 months fixed
12.77 p
7.15 p
2 Year Fixed Energy 24 months fixed
14.52 p
8.75 p
Simpler Energy Fixed September 2021
14.31 p
8.33 p

Double Electricity

Name of the Plan Tariff value Day Time Unit Price





Night Time Unit Price





Standing Charge





Greener Energy 12 months fixed
16.35 p
9.67 p
8.33 p
Better Energy 12 months fixed
15.32 p
7.72 p
8.33 p
2 Year Fixed Energy Fixed March 2022
15.97 p
8.00 p
Simpler Energy Fixed September 2021
14.83 p
9.73 p
8.33 p


Name of the Plan Tariff value Unit Price





Standing Charge





Better Energy 12 months fixed
2.82 p
7.15 p
2 Year Fixed Energy 24 months fixed
3.23 p
8.33 p
Simpler Energy Fixed September 2021
3.34 p
8.33 p
If you want to know more about specific tariffs, ring us up and we can give you the most accurate and up-to-date rates.

What is OVO Energy’ cheapest tariff?

OVO Energy’s lowest rate plan for new members is their Better Energy plan that can save you up to £145 on your energy plan. However, just because this plan is the cheapest that OVO offers, it doesn’t mean that it is the best one for you. The plan you need depends on so many things, such as the size of your house, the number of inhabitants in your house, and your average energy consumption.

Do OVO Energy have business energy deals? 

Unfortunately, OVO Energy no longer supplies business energy tariffs. So, if your company wants a business energy deal, you will have to look elsewhere. If OVO Energy restarts their business tariffs, we will be sure to let you know.

What is OVO Energy’ best plan?

Remember, at Switch Plan, we don’t believe in a ‘best’ energy plan. There is no best plan from any supplier. The best plan for you depends on your specific energy needs, as well as the market position of energy suppliers, as prices tend to fluctuate. Give us a ring and we can talk you through your options to ensure that you’re not losing out on energy.

OVO’s Electric Vehicles

OVO energy have a deal called EV Everywhere. This means that if you own an electric vehicle, you can join this plan to benefit from free green electricity, and a free smart electricity charger for your electric car. This could mean significant savings, as well as doing your bit for the environment!

Do OVO Energy have a boiler service?

With CORGIHomeHeat, OVO members can get a new boiler installed by registered engineers, as well as a free smart thermostat.

OVO’s Boiler and Home Emergency cover starts from £5 a month and makes sure that your boiler is working efficiently and properly. You can find out more information on their website.

Reviews ⭐

What do their customers say?

According to over 37,000 reviews on TrustPilot, OVO Energy was voted 4.2/5 in terms of customer satisfaction. 66% of reviews deemed the service to be ‘excellent’ whereas 11% deemed it ‘bad’.

This means that, on the whole, customer reviews about OVO Energy’s service are positive. Their fuel mix, as well as their customer service, means their customers’ experience is generally positive.

OVO Energy fuel mix & renewable energy 🌱

Where do OVO Energy get their energy from?

OVO electricity comes from renewable sources and natural gas having totally removed coal and nuclear from their fuel mix. Instead of generating their own power, OVO energy buy gas and electricity from the energy market and sell it on to their customers.

Their electricity comes from 39% renewable energy, and 61% natural gas. They no longer use nuclear or coal power to supply their energy. OVO Energy boast having a more renewable fuel mix than the average supplier in the UK.

On the other hand, their gas supply is only available as a dual tariff. You can upgrade to a ‘Green Gas Upgrade’, which means that you’ll have renewable gas guaranteed for just £5 a month. This means that the gas you use will be entirely carbon-neutral.

Do OVO Energy have a renewable energy plan?

  • With OVO, you can ‘go green’ for £5 extra a month, meaning that your standard 50% renewable electricity will be upgraded to 100%.
  • Whether you are on a fixed or variable plan, you can upgrade and do your bit for the environment. OVO will also plant 5 trees on your behalf!
  • The same plan applies to upgrading to green gas, as well.
  • OVO Energy launched a campaign called Plan Zero, through which they aim to tackle the climate crisis through investing in people and power. They want to empower people to lead sustainable lives through green and affordable energy.
  • Through aiming to totally decarbonise their energy by 2030, they are calling for greater action towards tackling the climate crisis. 🌱

OVO Renewable Sources

How to contact OVO Energy

You can contact OVO Energy via their website, and by logging into your online account if you have specific questions about your energy usage. OVO Energy also have up-to-date social media platforms on which they post regular updates, ads and offers for their current customers, and potential new customers. If you are on the go, you can download the OVO app for free and access your account on your smartphone. Via the app, you can pay your bills, top up your prepayment, and access further contact details.

If you prefer to speak to someone on the phone, you can ring OVO’s customer service number on 0330 303 5063. Their lines are open between 8am and 6pm, Monday-Friday. They have a range of other numbers to call, depending on the specific query you have. For example, if you have a complaint, you should call 0330 102 7517. This line is open between 8am and 6pm, Monday-Friday, and 9am until 1pm on Saturdays.

OVO Energy in your area

Depending on where you live in the UK, OVO Energy’s tariffs, contact details and distribution partners will differ. The following pages will provide all the local information you need to get started with OVO Energy in your specific area. Not only is your home part of a city, but also a county. So go ahead and follow the link below that corresponds with your area, and you’ll find all the relevant information.


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⚡ Does OVO Energy offer Dual Fuel?

Yes! OVO Energy offers dual fuel tariffs for both fixed and variable energy plans.

🔁 How can I switch to OVO Energy?

It's quick and easy. Give Switch-plan a ring on 0330 054 0010. We will compare plans based on your energy needs and switch you over to the one which is right for you.

💰 How can I top up my OVO Energy prepaid meter?

Download the OVO PAYG+ app to top up whenever and wherever. Or, you can take your card to any PayPoint, PayZone or Post Office and top it up there.

⏱️ Will OVO equip my home with a smart meter?

Yes. You can get one fitted free of charge. Visit OVO's website to book an appointment to get your smart meter installed. With a smart meter, you can track how much energy you are using in real time in order to make small, daily changes to ensure you are consuming efficiently.


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