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Need help switching your energy plan?

Call a member of our team for step-by-step help to switch your plan today. It’s free, requires no technical intervention and won’t disrupt your energy supply. 💡

Moving house often means moving energy supplier, and the paperwork can be overwhelming. Switch Plan is here to help. Not only will our energy experts help you save money by providing a free price comparison service, but they will also carry out the whole switch for you. Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. 📞 Give us a ring on 0330 054 0010. Switch plan today!
  2. 💸 One of our experts will then carry out a free price comparison to find you the best deals from the best energy suppliers based on your energy needs.
  3. 🔁 We will then switch over your energy subscription for you and cancel your previous plan.


Why should I switch my energy plan?

Is your current energy plan too expensive? 💰
Do you want to switch to a green energy supplier? 🌱

Whether you’re moving house or staying put, it’s likely that you’re overpaying for your energy. There are a number of snags involved in energy deals, and the length of time you have been on the same plan is a big one. In short, if you haven’t changed your tariff in a while, you’re probably overpaying. This is because energy prices fluctuate, as do your personal energy needs. At Switch Plan, we help you find the most economical tariff that suits your energy requirements. For that we:

  • 🔥 Constantly compare all suppliers on the market to bring you the best deal for the lowest price.
  • 🔎 Analyse all other aspects of the deal to make sure the plan fits your values and consumer habits.
  • 💬 Build plans tailored to your personal energy needs based on some basic information that you can give us over the phone.

How do we work?How do we work?

Our aim is to ensure that you find the very best deal for your energy needs. Give us a ring and we’ll check if you’re getting the best gas and electricity deal for your money. If not we will handle your switch every step of the way. It’s completely free!

Why compare energy deals with Switch Plan?

Switching made easy

Because you can trust us. 🤝 We are an accredited price comparison service and we want to make sure you are getting the best deal for you. At Switch Plan, we recognise that everyone has different energy needs, so we will get it right for you.

How long does it take to switch my energy plan?

Our team of experts will do everything for you over the phone in just 20 minutes. Switching your energy deal with us is quick and easy, since all we require is a few pieces of basic information about you and your household. Once we have processed the switch, and after a ‘cooling off’ period of just 14 days, you will be switched over to your new plan.

What information do I need to give you to switch energy suppliers?

All we need from you is your:

  • 🏠 Home address.
  • 📝 Current supplier and plan.
  • 🔌 Your usual consumption.

Take a look at a recent energy bill and it’ll all be on there.

Energy Supplier

Who can supply you with energy?

There are so many energy suppliers on the market. But don’t worry, we have compared their deals for you, including plans from the Big 6:

  • British Gas        
  • SSE
  • E.ON
  • EDF Energy
  • nPower
  • Scottish Power

The Big 6 hold the highest market share because of their reputation and clientele. However in recent years, they have faced competition from smaller suppliers, such as:

  • Bulb
  • Octopus Energy
  • OVO Energy

Many customers are opting to switch to smaller suppliers due to lower tariffs and better customer service. But whichever of our partners you choose, we will be sure to find you a fair plan. Check out our ‘Suppliers’ pages for more information about available tariffs, energy source mix and customer service ratings. We’ve collected all the information you need to make the best energy choice for you.

Who is the cheapest energy supplier?

There are so many energy suppliers to choose from, and prices tend to fluctuate. The price of an energy plan depends on your personal energy needs. Switch Plan will compare the most current energy prices based on the information you give us about your energy habits in order to find the perfect match.

Don’t lose out on your energy bills, switch your plan and save money today.


Call us for free to switch your energy supplier!

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⚡ Can I switch my energy plan if I'm renting?

Of course. As long as you are in charge of your tariffs, you can switch your plan. If your landlord is in charge of which supplier you use, you would need their approval to switch to a cheaper energy plan.

⏰ Do I have to switch electricity and gas at the same time?

No! Many customers prefer to stick to dual fuel to keep everything in one place, but this is by no means necessary. Besides, many households do not use both gas and electricity. Whatever your needs, we can help you find the best supplier for your energy consumption. Simply specify your requirements to one of our energy experts on the phone and they'll guide you through the process.

📉 How else can I save money on energy?

Why stop with switching plan? There are so many small changes you can make to ensure that you are spending less money on your energy consumption. Read our comprehensive guide on energy saving tips to get all the information you need to spend less and save more.

🧮 What's the difference between fixed and variable tariffs?

A fixed tariff means that the cost of energy doesn't change for the duration of your plan. You pay for the energy that you consume, but the price of that energy remains the same. On the other hand, a variable tariff means that the price of energy fluctuates depending on movements in the market. Energy prices change all the time, so your bill will vary.

🚨 Will my gas and electricity be interrupted if I switch plan?

No. The only thing that changes is your energy supplier, so your gas and electricity will remain constant.


Written by eleanor

Updated on 3 Aug, 2020

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