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Octopus Energy Octopus Energy Logo
Founded 2015
Client Email [email protected]
Client Number 0330 808 1080
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Number of clients 600,000

Are Octopus Energy the right supplier for me?

A brief history of Octopus

  • In 2000, the Octopus Group was founded by Simon Rogerson and Chris Hulatt. In 2015, Octopus Energy officially began trading as an independent subsidiary company of the Octopus Group, with Greg Jackson as the CEO. Now, the Octopus Group focuses both on energy supply and financial services, as well as investments, healthcare, and property.
  • Today, Octopus Energy has over 1 million customers. They have been growing exponentially since 2015, on average gaining around 30,000 customers every month.
  • In 2018, Octopus and M&S Energy joined together in a partnership. This meant that Octopus Energy would take over all M&S energy supply. Octopus gained a lot of attention for this partnership, given that SSE was the former partner of M&S. SSE is one of the Big 6, so this demonstrated Octopus’ rapid and impressive growth in just 3 years.
  • Last year in 2019, Octopus also took on all Coop Energy. This meant that Octopus became in charge of all the energy supply from Coop Energy to their 30,000 customers, allowing them to stay afloat.

What makes Octopus different?

  • Octopus is one of the greenest suppliers on the market. They provide 100% green electricity to their customers. In terms of gas, they do their best to offset much of their customers’ usage.
  • Although Octopus Energy is based in Soho, London, they provide energy to all over the UK.

What support do they provide?

Did you know?

You can refer a friend to Octopus Energy and actually get money from it!

Their referral scheme means that, if someone signs up to an Octopus plan through a referral link that you provide them, you and that individual will get £50 credited to your energy accounts. The link will never run out, which means that you can refer as many friends, family members and colleagues to Octopus and keep receiving credit!

Octopus Energy Fuel Mix

Contacting Octopus Energy


The Octopus Energy app is functional and free! It provides the same service as the Octopus website, allowing you to top up, submit energy readings and contact customer services. Unfortunately, if you are an Android user, you’re not in luck. The app is currently only available to Apple users.

Speaking of apps, Octopus Energy has also partnered up with the app ‘If This Then That’. This app is integrated with devices in your home to make sure you are using energy in a smart way. You can track how much energy these devices are using and make smarter choices. For example, let’s say you wanted to use your hair dryer. The app will tell you when it is cheapest to use this device, so you can plan your hair wash and dry around the cheapest time of the day.


You can head over to the Octopus Energy website which will provide you not only with information about their tariffs, but also allows you to top-up your prepayment card, submit meter readings, and contact customer services. Both the website and the app are very easy ways to manage your account with Octopus Energy.

Social Media

Octopus have all social media pages up and running, and they are pretty hot on customer service on these platforms too. So, if you want a very easy and quick way to get hold off customer service over at Octopus energy, you should head over to their Twitter or Facebook pages.

In person

If you want to speak to someone directly at Octopus, or send them a letter in the post, then you can head to or write to this address:

Octopus Energy
1 Upper James St
W1F 9DE 
United Kingdom

What are Octopus’ electricity, gas and dual energy plans?

Octopus Energy have a range of fixed and variable tariffs to choose from, including innovative tariffs and their standard plans. However, no matter how innovative the tariff, none of them have exit fees, and they all include 100% renewable electricity, making them one of the greenest suppliers on the market.

In general, Octopus’ energy tariffs are pretty unique! Not only in terms of their fun names, but also what they offer. In the tables below, we’ve laid out all the information you could need about Octopus’ tariffs. As well as domestic tariffs, Octopus have a few business energy plans to choose from. For your business, you can choose plans for gas, electricity, and now, water.

Tariffs on offer

Octopus Tracker

Tariff NameWhat does it offer?
Octopus TrackerLike all Octopus tariffs, Octopus tracker doesn't include any exit fees! This means that you can switch over to a different plan, or even a different supplier, before the end of your contract and not face any hefty fees!
Being a 'tracker' tariff, the price you pay for energy changes everyday. This is because wholesale market prices for energy change on a daily basis, so the price you pay for your energy varies depending on market changes. Usually, if there are any drastic increases in energy, your supplier will let you know so you can plan your finances accordingly.

Last modified the August 20, 2020

Agile Octopus

Tariff NameWhat does it offer?
Agile OctopusIn terms of Octopus tariffs, this one is certainly well-priced. This is because customers can make the most cheap energy prices from wholesale cost fluctuations. How does this work? Well, customers can see the fluctuations in real-time if they opt for Agile Octopus. Every day at 4pm, the wholesale costs of energy are updated.
Because of this, Agile Octopus customers are able to minimise their energy consumption when energy is more pricey, and save money by using more energy when it's cheaper.
This tariff uses smart technology, allowing you to stay on top of your finances and make sure your consumption is as green as possible.
With this plan, Plunge Pricing is also made available to their customers. This is when the cost of energy drops below zero, because more energy is being produced, rather than consumed. So, instead of paying for your energy, you actually profit from this tariff, which is pretty cool. So, if pricing is important to you, this is a great plan to choose.

Last modified the August 20, 2020

Flexible Octopus

Tariff NameWhat does it offer?
Flexible OctopusThis plan is dual fuel only, meaning you can't opt for it if you just want a gas or electricity tariff.
Like all other Octopus plans, there are no exit fees for this plan. This means you can switch to any other tariff at any other time, with no hidden or hefty costs.
As a variable tariff, the cost of your energy will change depending on fluctuations in market prices. Suppliers often change the costs of their energy plans to reflect extra costs on their ends. So, every month, your energy bill will probably look different. They might be higher, but just as they can go up, they can also go down.
Like with all of Octopus Energy plans, they provide 100% renewable electricity for their customers, so it's a pretty green plan as they go!

Last modified the August 20, 2020

Super Green Octopus

Tariff NameWhat does it offer?
Super Green OctopusThis plan is only available to dual fuel customers, meaning you can't opt for this plan if you just want gas or electricity from Octopus. Moreover, this is a fixed plan for 12 months. What does this mean? Well, your tariff won't increase nor decrease for a year after you sign up, so you won't be shocked by any sudden price changes and can plan your finances accordingly. The standing charge are also fixed!
Like all other tariffs from Octopus, there are no exit fees.
What makes this plan 'Super Green'? Well, not only is the electricity provided on this plan 100% renewable, they claim to offset all gas used via this plan. While all of Octopus' plans are 100% renewable for their electricity, gas is another story. That's where this plan differs.

Last modified the August 20, 2020

Octopus Go

Tariff NameWhat does it offer?
Octopus GoOctopus Go is an electricity only, 100% renewable plan, making it one of the greenest plans on the market for your electricity.
There's one snag with this plan: you need an electric vehicle. But, if you have one, then this is a pretty good plan to opt for! This is because during the four off-peak hours at night (12:30am to 4:30am), you get very cheap energy. It's just 5p per kWh!
Given this is a smart plan, you're going to need a smart meter.
And, as is the case across all plans by Octopus, you won't pay any exit fees if you decide to cancel your contract early and switch to a different tariff, or even a different supplier.

Last modified the August 20, 2020

Octopus Energy Tariff Prices

Single Electricity

Name of the Plan Tariff value Day Time Unit Price





Standing Charge





Exclusive Octopus 12M Fixed July 2020 v2 12 months fixed
14.97 p
21.67 p
Super Green Octopus 12M Fixed February 2020 v1 12 months fixed
15.03 p
21.67 p
Helpful Octopus 24M Fixed February 2020 v1 24 months fixed
15.03 p
24.49 p
Flexible Octopus April 2019 v1 Flexible
15.52 p
19.38 p
Octopus Tracker v1 Flexible
11.81 p
18.52 p

Double Electricity

Name of the Plan Tariff value Day Time Unit Price





Night Time Unit Price





Standing Charge





Exclusive Octopus 12M Fixed July 2020 v2 12 months fixed
17.69 p
9.1 p
21.67 p
Super Green Octopus 12M Fixed February 2020 v1 24 months fixed
16.81 p
9.18 p
21.67 p
Helpful Octopus 24M Fixed February 2020 v1 Flexible
16.81 p
9.18 p
24.57 p
Flexible Octopus April 2019 v1 Flexible
17.48 p
9.3 p
20.43 p


Name of the Plan Tariff value Day Time Unit Price





Standing Charge





Exclusive Octopus 12M Fixed July 2020 v2 12 months fixed
2.28 p
17.85 p
Super Green Octopus 12M Fixed February 2020 v1 12 months fixed
2.96 p
17.85 p
Helpful Octopus 24M Fixed February 2020 v1 24 months fixed
2.56 p
25.04 p
Flexible Octopus April 2019 v1 Flexible
3.2 p
16.8 p
Octopus Tracker v1 Flexible
1.84 p
15.09 p
If you want to know more about specific tariffs, ring us up and we can give you the most accurate and up-to-date rates.

Is Octopus Energy cheap?

Octopus Energy is much cheaper than lots of other suppliers, especially larger ones such as British Gas. But of course, the prices of Octopus’ plans vary depending on the location of your house, and the energy plan you opt for. Yet, generally, their plans are very well-priced.

Do Octopus have business energy deals?

Octopus Energy business tariffs are pretty varied and exhaustive. They have 3 main business tariffs to choose from, and like their domestic tariffs, their electricity is 100% renewable.

  • If you want a very green business tariff, then you should opt for Octopus greenest business. This is a fixed tariff, meaning that prices stay the same for one year. However, it is a very sustainable tariff and they aim to offset all your gas usage.
  • Another fixed tariff for your business is Octopus fixed business. Makes sense. This also means that prices are fixed for one year, so they are not subject to change. However, you can’t choose this tariff if you just want a gas plan. It’s only available for dual fuel, or sole electricity.
  • Finally, if you want a variable tariff for your business, you should choose Octopus flexible business. This means that the prices of the tariff change depending on market price fluctuations, which are pretty constant.

On top of this, none of these plans have any exit fees.

What is Octopus’ best plan?

Remember, there is no best plan from any supplier. It’s important to pick a plan that best suits your household’s energy requirements, which will definitely be different from other people’s. So, while it’s important to read plenty of reviews, and talk to your friends about their plans, the best and most foolproof way to know which plan is optimal for you is to call us and chat through your priorities.

It’s not all about price, but about your environmental priorities too. So give us a ring on 0330 054 0017 and one of our experts will find you the best Octopus Energy plan.

Want to know what Octopus’ customers think of them? Check out our guide about Octopus’ reviews.

Will Octopus install a smart meter in my home?


  • Octopus offer their customers smart meters and, unlike some other independent energy suppliers, you are eligible for one no matter where you live.
  • They are also trying to install the latest version of smart meters on the market, which will allow you to keep your smart meter if you switch over to another supplier, instead of having to get a new one installed, which is nifty.
  • To make the most of Octopus’ energy tariffs, you should definitely consider getting a smart meter installed. This is because, with an Octopus Energy smart meter, you can track your energy consumption and see when tariffs go up and down. If you opt for the Agile Octopus tariff, this will be very handy!
  • If you already have a smart meter, you might be able to switch to Octopus Energy without having to get a new one installed, but it depends on the smart meter you currently have. So, if you have a first generation smart meter, it has to be a secure meter, and then you can switch over to Octopus without the need for another installation. If it’s not secure, you will have to upgrade.
  • If you have a second generation smart meter, then you can go ahead and switch with no problems and no further installation.

Do Octopus have Economy 7 tariffs?

Octopus have lots of Economy 7 tariffs, meaning that your electricity bill will look different during the day and at night. This is because the price of the electricity is decided based on the demand for electricity. At night, there is less demand for electricity, so the cost per unit is far cheaper than during the day. Most of Octopus’ plans offer the option of Economy 7.

The variation in price between peak of off-peak prices depends on a few things, such as where you live and the tariff you choose.

I have an electric vehicle – what are my options with Octopus?

  • The Octopus Electric Vehicle’s initiative means that anyone who owns an electric vehicle can charge it for a very reduced rate, and even lease out the vehicle.
  • Octopus Energy even have deals with electric vehicle companies, meaning you can opt for a monthly plan and get a good deal on your new car. This way, you can also get a great deal on your car insurance with Octopus, and be eligible for discounts and other deals and plans.
  • Octopus Energy will also install your EV charging port for you in your home.
  • Now, pick your EV energy tariff. Octopus have an energy tariff for your EV needs, called the Octopus Go tariff. With this tariff, you get much cheaper rates on electricity when you want to charge up your car. During off-peak times, such as between 12:30am and 4:30am, electricity costs per kWh can go as low as 5p.

Octopus Energy Electric Vehicle Tariff

So, not only can you buy and insure your new electric vehicle for a reasonable price with Octopus Energy, you can also charge it and maintain it for a very fair price. They have support services for anyone on this tariff available.

As with all of Octopus’ energy plans, there are no exit fees, so you can switch to a new plan, or even a new supplier, whenever.

How renewable are Octopus?

Where do Octopus get their energy from?

  • All of Octopus’ plans involve 100% renewable electricity. This is pretty impressive, and something that most suppliers on the market are also trying to achieve.
  • In terms of gas, customers who decide to go for a Super Green tariff also get all their gas carbon offset by Octopus. This means that what you use in gas, they then buy back from the grid. Again, this makes Octopus green tariffs a good option compared to others on the market.
  • Remember the Octopus Group we mentioned at the top of the page? Well, it’s important to note that they are the UK’s largest investor in solar energy. 40% of all solar energy is generated from these farms that are funded by the Octopus Group! So green energy is certainly at the forefront of their business model.

Switch over to Octopus Energy

Do Octopus have a renewable energy plan?

Yes – their Super Green tariff is one of the greenest plans on the market. Not only does it offer 100% renewable electricity, which is the case for all of Octopus’ plans, they also offset all the gas you use through this plan. This means that your energy consumption is carbon neutral.

As well as this, Octopus are aiming to plant 10,000 trees in the UK as part of their carbon offsetting plans. They want to offset 20,000 tonnes of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

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0330 054 0017



🤷‍♂️ Does Octopus offer dual fuel?

Yes! In fact, Octopus have stated that you could even save money by opting for a dual fuel plan. However, their Octopus Go plan is electricity only.

🔁 How can I switch to Octopus?

Switching to Octopus Energy is made very quick and easy through their easy communication and contactability. You can head over to their website and switch in just a few minutes. Or, you can call up their customer service number to carry out the switch over the phone. Of course, if you want a separate free and completely impartial switching process, our team of experts are happy to help. We can even advise you on the best possible plan for you. Just give us a ring on 0330 054 0010 and we will carry out the whole switch for you. Did we mention it's free? Visit our switching guide to read more about how we find the best deal for you.

💰 How can I top up my Octopus prepaid meter?

When you set up your prepayment meter, Octopus Energy will get in touch and let you know all the different spots where you can top it up. These are called Paypoints, or Payzones, which are located in most corner shops, supermarkets and sometimes post offices. They will have a big sign out the front of the store to let you know if you can top up there, however. Alternatively, you can top up online or via their iOS app.

⏱️ Will Octopus set up my home with a smart meter?

Yes! If you already have a second generation smart meter, you won't need another one set up. Or, if you have a secure first generation smart meter, then you won't either! However, if your smart meter is not eligible for switching over to a new supplier, Octopus will certainly install your home with a new smart meter.


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