A guide to your annual boiler service

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My Annual Boiler Service

Summary : Your annual boiler service is a yearly check-up from a Gas Safe registered engineer. They will make sure that your boiler is functioning properly and will make note of any problems that need fixing.

Should my boiler be serviced more than once a year?

Every 12 months should be enough. Even if you don’t notice any problems with your boiler, it’s still important to get it checked annually to make sure there aren’t any hidden problems that you haven’t picked up on. Leaving a service until you notice a problem could lead to long-term issues, or even result in having to replace your boiler. This could cost you even more money for repairs.

Some boiler plans actually require you to have an annual service. If you don’t comply with this annual servicing, you could lose your warranty. So best to get it regularly checked.

Also remember, you can’t service your own boiler. Unless you are a certified boiler technician, you cannot carry out the service yourself. It’s much safer and more responsible to call up a boiler engineer for your annual boiler service.

How much does an annual boiler service cost?

The cost of a boiler service honestly depends on the type and size of the boiler you have, as well as the company you bought your boiler from.

A one-off boiler service costs between £60 and £100. However, the cost of an annual boiler service is often included in your boiler cover plan if you have one. Boiler cover is paid for in monthly installments and covers the cost of the service, as well as protecting you from potential breakdowns or broken parts. For example, British Gas boiler cover costs £14 a month with an excess of £60. On the other hand, Scottish Power boiler cover costs £3.50 a month, with an excess of £99. You need to make sure that your boiler cover plan works well for you, and most importantly that it covers the exact type of boiler you have.

What does my annual boiler service involve?

  • Your technician should check your boiler pressure.
  • They should also check for leaks.
  • This involves checking the internal functioning of the boiler and all the parts inside.
  • They should provide you with a Gas Safety Certificate at the end of the boiler service. This should include information about the company from which you bought the boiler, the name of the technician, and the Gas Safe number.
  • If there are any problems with the boiler, your technician should advise you on how to move forward, whether this involves a repair or replacement.

Does a plumber service my boiler?

Plumbers are usually qualified enough to service your boiler, however it is required that a boiler service is carried out by a certified technician or boiler engineer. Boiler technicians need to be Gas Safe certified in order to carry out a boiler service.

Annual boiler service

Boiler Replacement

Sometimes, a boiler service will lead to a boiler replacement. If the technician notices a fault with your boiler, sometimes replacement is the best option.

How often should I get my boiler replaced?

The most foolproof way to know whether or not to replace your boiler is to have a service. A technician can tell you for certain if your boiler looks worse for wear and needs to be replaced. Usually, the engineer or technician will tell you this if the cost to repair your boiler is more than the cost of a new boiler. If this is the case, you should definitely upgrade to a new boiler. 

Boilers on average have a lifespan of 10-15 years. So if you are approaching the end of your boiler’s life, it’s best to get a service and see if you need a replacement. Given that your boiler is heating your whole house, it works pretty hard and can get worn out.

Boiler SettingsIf your boiler doesn’t have a thermostat, or if the settings on it mean you don’t get much control over the heating system in your house, then you should probably upgrade to a new boiler. With technology constantly changing and advancing, boilers are becoming more and more tech savvy. With a new boiler, you can get much more control over how much heat it is generating for your home. This means you can be much more energy efficient and control how much you spend on your heating.

You want a boiler attached to the wall. That is generally considered to be good boiler practice nowadays. However, many old boilers are still placed on the floor. This is a pretty inefficient place to keep your boiler, and might be a sign that you need to replace it.

But remember, before you decide to replace your boiler, we recommend having a service from a boiler engineer. This way, you can also get a bit of advice about which new boiler to invest in.

How much does it cost to get my boiler replaced?

Getting a boiler replaced costs the same amount as getting one installed. Although the cost of replacing a boiler might be quite high, it’s a better investment than getting it repaired most of the time. This is because boilers are constantly evolving and becoming more technologically advanced.

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Written by eleanor

Updated on 2 Oct, 2020