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West Midlands is a county located in the Center of England. It is home to 2 438 288 inhabitants, which makes it the 1st largest county in West Midland in terms of population, and the 2nd in the country! West Midlands’s biggest city is Birmingham, with Coventry coming in as a close second.

The 35 984 households residing in West Midlands can rely on their local DNO Western Power Distribution for electricity supply, and on Cadent Gas for gas.

Home heating fuel split in June 2020

Total West Midlands households 35 984 100%
Electric central heating 13 086 36.37%
Gas central heating 6 298 17.50%
Oil central heating 3 872 10.76%
No central heating 12 727 35.37%

What’s the average price per kwh in West Midlands?

In West Midlands, the average price for a kwh of energy is £10,38 according to the most recent data.

What’s the heating fuel mix in West Midlands in 2020?

In West Midlands, homes have four different types of central heating system. The most popular central heating option in West Midlands is gas, like in much of West Midland and in much of the UK. Gas heated homes represent 17.50% of all households in the county. On the other hand, 36.37% of families rely on electricity to get through the cold winters. Fuel represents another 10.76%, and a remaining 35.37% do not have central heating machinery in their homes. What’s more reliable? Which energy is cheaper to run? These are questions inhabitants of West Midlands regularly ask themselves.

While gas is overall cheaper to run, electricity powered systems are usually more cost effective. They are less expensive to install compared to gas, and have small maintenance costs. They last longer than your average gas boiler. In terms of energy efficiency, they also come on top compared to their gas counterparts, being 100% efficient, without any energy loss.

How to get in touch with West Midlands’s energy distributors?

Inhabitants of West Midlands can call their local West Midlands electricity DNO (Distribution Network Operator) or gas distributor in case of emergency or to get up-to-date information.

Distributor Telephone number Number opening hours
West Midlands Western Power Distribution Emergency Number 0800 6783 105 24/7
West Midlands Western Power Distribution Non-Emergency Number 0800 096 3080 Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm
West Midlands Cadent Gas Emergency Number 0800 111 999 24/7
West Midlands Cadent Gas Non-Emergency Number 0345 835 1111 Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

Who are the two energy operators in West Midlands?

West Midlands is a county located in West Midland, the 1st biggest in that region of the UK. It is inhabited by 2 438 288 inhabitants, who rely on two main providers for their energy supply. Western Power Distribution distributes electricity to the 35 984 in West Midlands, whereas
Cadent Gas is responsible for ensuring that the county gets a reliable supply of gas.

West Midlands Distribution Network Operator West Midlands Gas Operator
Western Power Distribution Cadent Gas
Western Power Distribution website Cadent Gas website

Looking for local information?

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Updated on 28 Aug, 2020