Electricity & Gas in Leicester in 2020

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Looking for information on energy providers in Leicester?

Leicester is the 1st largest town in Leicestershire, with 507 532 inhabitants. 194 889 households rely on Western Power Distribution for their electricity supply, and on Cadent Gas for their gas.

Who distributes Leicester’s gas and electricity?

Leicesterians can call their local Leicestershire electricity DNO (Distribution Network Operator) or gas distributor in case of emergency or to get up-to-date information. If you are currently experiencing a power cut(electricity or gas) in Leicester, we strongly suggest you contact the emergency number provided here for your distributor.

Leicester Distribution Network Operator Leicester Gas Operator
Western Power Distribution Cadent Gas
Western Power Distribution website Cadent Gas website

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Who provides most of Leicester’s energy?

E.on is the most popular energy provider in East Midland and in much of Leicestershire. Henceforth, many Leicesterians have stuck with E.on despite being free to change at any time! Leicester dwellers can make substantial savings on energy related expenses by switching their current providers. switch-plan.co.uk helps tens of thousands of Leicesterians make the switch from one provider to another and save! Switching to a new energy provider can save a single Leicester household upwards of £400.

How to contact Leicester’s energy distributors?

Distributor Telephone number Number opening hours
Leicestershire Western Power Distribution Emergency Number 0800 6783 105 24/7
Leicestershire Western Power Distribution Non-Emergency Number 0800 096 3080 Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm
Leicestershire Cadent Gas Emergency Number 0800 111 999 24/7
Leicestershire Cadent Gas Non-Emergency Number 0345 835 1111 Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

Want more details Leicester’s energy operators?

Western Power Distribution can also be visited online here.
As for Cadent Gas, they can be found here .

Leicesterians can reach out to Leicestershire’s local gas or electricty to discuss the following topics:

  • Power shortage
  • Connections
  • Safety regulations
  • Job opportunities
  • Innovations

What’s the heating fuel mix in Leicester in 2020?

Out of all 194 889 Leicesterians households (according to 209 data), electricity is used to power 8,69%, gas 88,28%, and oil 2,64%. The remaining 0,39% of all families in Leicester do not use central heating at all.

Heating fuel data in Leicester

Total Leicester households 194 889 100%
Electric central heating 16 937 8,69%
Gas central heating 172 054 88,28%
Oil central heating 758 0,39%
No central heating 5 141 2,64%

What’s the average price per kwh in Leicester?

In Leicestershire, the average energy price for a kwh is £10,14 according to the most recent data. A Leicesterian pays roughly -4,70% more compared to the UK national average.


Written by joseph

Updated on 24 Jul, 2020