Electricity & Gas in Birmingham in 2020

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Birmingham is located in West Midlands in the Center of the UK. It’s the 1st biggest city in West Midland and the 2nd in the country. Home to 1 068 459 inhabitants, Birmingham can rely on majority providers Western Power Distribution for electricity, and Cadent Gas for gas.

Looking for another city in West Midlands?

For more information on other cities, please check our dedicated pages: Royton South Ward , Nantwich , Kearsley Ward

Who provides most of Birmingham’s energy?

West Midland has many operating energy providers, amongst which Npower seems to be particularly popular. A lot of Birminghamians stick with their historical contract, although they can switch at will!

Using switch-plan.co.uk, tens of thousands of households in Birmingham are able to witch from one energy plan to a cheaper one.
Birminghamians changing energy plan can cut annual bills by up to £400!

What’s the heating fuel mix in Birmingham in 2020?

Heating fuel data in Birmingham

Total Birmingham households 409 110 100%
Electric central heating 98 629 24,11%
Gas central heating 112 448 27,49%
Oil central heating 158 132 38,65%
No central heating 39 901 9,75%

Amongst the total 409 110 Birminghamians households (2019 census), 24,11% use electric central heating, 27,49% use gas central heating, whereas 38,65% favor oil as their main energy source for heat. A remaining of 9,75% of all Birmingham families do not have central heating.

Birminghamians can reach out to West Midlands’s local gas or electricty to discuss the following topics:

  • Power shortage
  • Connections
  • Safety regulations
  • Job opportunities
  • Innovations

How to contact Birmingham’s energy distributors?

Distributor Telephone number Number opening hours
West Midlands Western Power Distribution Emergency Number 0800 6783 105 24/7
West Midlands Western Power Distribution Non-Emergency Number 0800 096 3080 Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm
West Midlands Cadent Gas Emergency Number 0800 111 999 24/7
West Midlands Cadent Gas Non-Emergency Number 0345 835 1111 Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

Who supplies Birmingham in energy in 2020?

Birminghamians can call their local West Midlands electricity DNO (Distribution Network Operator) or gas distributor in case of emergency or to get up-to-date information. If you are currently experiencing a power cut(electricity or gas) in Birmingham, we strongly suggest you contact the emergency number provided here for your distributor.

Birmingham Distribution Network Operator Birmingham Gas Operator
Western Power Distribution Cadent Gas
Western Power Distribution website Cadent Gas website

Want more details Birmingham’s energy operators?

Find more information online by browsing Western Power Distribution’s wesbite . For Cadent Gas, visit their website.

What’s the average energy cost in Birmingham?

In 2019, West Midlands inhabitants were paying an average of £10,38/kwh for their energy. Birminghamians spend -2,44% more when compared to the rest of the country


Written by Pierre

Updated on 24 Jul, 2020