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Last modified the August 4, 2020

Are British Gas the right energy supplier for me?

What makes them different?

British Gas is the historical supplier:

  • British Gas is the oldest energy supplier in the UK, providing millions of homes with energy for 200 years.
  • British Gas was officially privatised by the government in 1986 and became the first ever private energy supplier in Britain. Since then they have been the biggest in the UK.
  • They provide gas and electricity to 11 million homes through a huge variety of energy deals, both for your domestic and business needs.
  • Their aim is to provide UK homes with efficient energy whilst cutting costs.

Who do they support?

Do you need emergency financial support? The British Gas charitable trust is an organisation that seeks to help those who are struggling to pay their bills. The trust funds organisations who provide emergency relief and support to those who need it, such as boiler repairs and fuel top-ups.

British Gas Tariffs, Plans and Offers 📝

What do British Gas offer?

What are British Gas’ electricity, gas and dual energy plans?

  • British Gas have an exhaustive list of tariffs available to customers.
  • You can choose dual energy, fixed or variable tariffs, depending on your energy needs.
  • If you choose a fixed tariff, you will enter a contract with British Gas that fixes the cost of your energy per unit.
  • A variable tariff means that your energy supplier is free to change the cost per unit of your energy.
  • You can choose either as a dual or single tariff for your gas and electricity needs.


If you’re unsure, you can get in touch with us to discuss the best tariff for you.

What is British Gas’ cheapest tariff?

According to, the Energy and Boiler Cover Green Nov2020v4 is British Gas’ cheapest plan for customers with a smart meter installed, costing an average of £897 and making it one of the cheapest energy plans on the market. But remember, the cheapest plan overall might not be best for you and your energy needs.

Do British Gas have business energy deals? 

As well as domestic energy offers, British Gas have a range of business energy plans. They offer:

  • Tariffs that suit the size of your company, whether you are a small business or a larger corporation
  • Both fixed and flexible contracts
  • Plans ranging from 30 days to 3 years
  • Dual or single fuel tariffs
  • Does your company have multiple offices? British Gas offers a multi-site tariff, collecting all your sites’ usage in one plan.

Visit their website to find the best deal for your company: 

What is British Gas’ best plan? 

There is no best plan from any supplier. The best plan for you depends on your specific energy needs, as well as the market position of energy suppliers, as prices tend to fluctuate. Give us a ring and we can talk you through your options to ensure that you’re not losing out on energy.

Do British Gas have a boiler service?

Yes! British Gas offer a range of boiler services, from installation to repair. You can book an annual boiler service for just £85 through their website to ensure that your boiler is working as efficiently as you would like. If you are a 5 year warranty customer, you must get your boiler serviced once a year in order for your warranty to stay valid.

Need a new boiler? You can book an appointment online to speak with a British Gas adviser who can help you decide on the right boiler for your household’s needs.

British Gas also have a range of HomeCare plans to cover your boiler and heating. An annual boiler service is included in all HomeCare plans, including engineer callouts and a 24 hour hotline if you have any problems. You also have a 14 day cooling-off period if you want to cancel your plan!

Reviews ⭐

What do their customers say?

According to TrustPilot, British Gas ranks 3.7/5 for customer satisfaction based on reviews from over 27,000 customers. 49% of reviews deemed the quality of service to be ‘excellent’.

Fuel mix & renewable energy 🌱

How renewable are British Gas?

Where do British Gas get their energy from? 💡

  • 56% of British Gas’ energy comes from renewable sources, and only 4% from coal, making them one of the greenest suppliers on the UK market
  • British Gas have also committed to offsetting the carbon footprint of their customers
  • They have partnered up with ClimateCare, who will offset 94% of the gas British Gas customers use
  • They do this by investing in carbon reduction projects in developing countries

Do British Gas have a renewable energy plan? 

British Gas’ green tariff is 100% renewable, and promises to offset all the electricity you buy with renewables. For businesses, British Gas also offer a 100% renewable electricity tariff that has been accredited by the Carbon Trust. By opting for the Renewable Electricity for Business, the same amount of electricity you use will be sent back to the grid.

As well as this, British Gas’ Green Future tariffs aim to offset your domestic consumption and invests in environmental impact projects.


⚡ Does British Gas offer Dual Fuel?

Yes! In fact, British Gas have stated that you could even save money by opting for a dual fuel plan.

🔁 How can I switch to British Gas?

It's quick and easy. Give Switch-plan a ring on 03300540010. Just give us some basic information, and we will compare prices for you and sort out the rest.

💰 How can I top up my British Gas prepaid meter?

You can top up your prepayment smart meter on the British Gas website by accessing your account at Alternatively, you can visit a Payzone (supermarkets, newsagents and garages).

⏱️ Will British Gas equip my home with a smart meter?

Yes! It's easy to upgrade to smart pay as you go meters with British Gas. With a smart meter, you can set yourself budgets to ensure that you aren't overspending on your energy. Visit their website to book an installation of a smart meter from a technician. The whole process will only take a couple of hours.


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Updated on 4 Aug, 2020